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How's My Driving?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how I play Castiel, please voice them here. I love to have input, good or bad, I just ask that you manage to be civil either way, and try and be as specific as possible so I can improve my playing based on your comments. If you merely say "you suck at Castiel", I can't very well get better. Try pinpointing what I'm doing wrong or right and make as specific a reference as you can. Otherwise, I'll assume you just have a problem with me as a player and you're trying to take it out through my HMD post. Thank you! If you would prefer contacting me through AIM, you can reach me at to boldly trek.
I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

Hmm, that?s some cool information. I would search on Google to find other relevant articles. Actually, I came across your blog on Google Blog Search. I?m going to add your RSS feed to my reader. Continue posting please!